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Hey everyone i recently just signed up for this sight good to see people who play elite from my home land #SA :p at the moment im looking for a group of people to join up with who have some motive into the game like supporting a certain cause if i would say, :p anyway let me know if you guys have an opening in one of your groups id be glad to team up and work together for fun of the game :D or if you guys are in my position come Join me on SYOS team speak On Team speak 3 :p (poke admin [SYOS]Snap_Ambush ------> that's me :$ :p  im one of the Developer admins of the community and as a massive fan of Elite id like to build up a South African community :D and start a fleet or something :) if i happen to not be there feel free to chill in our elite channels and await my arrival :D anyway good luck out there Commanders. *Salute* 


  • Yo Snappy! Greetings fellow Commander.
    Did you find/start a group?
    Did you find/start a community?

    I am looking to do the same. I believe the best way forwards is to have a Facebook Elite Dangerous ZA Group. Is there one already? I tried to start one .. but ... at least one Facebook Friend must also want to be in the group to create a Facebook Group. None of my facebook friends play Elite  : (

    My facebook page is ... https://www.facebook.com/the.kevin.barnett  ... add me as a friend so we can get started...

  • Hey @SnapAmbush - welcome to the forum. I've not played for a couple of weeks due to holidays, how's the in game social stuff working out? Are people congregating around certain systems?
  • hey Adam at the moment its scattered some regular players in some systems iv passed bye over travels, i met a few players who say its community they are starting, but you know with a galaxy with 400 Bil star systems is quite HUGE so finding a good system for your community to support is difficult due to some people supporting different factions and so forth, But right now i think natural places for players to go to is the Home world when you reach Elite or Dangerous, and some Systems that require a permit, what im trying to do is maybe find a system that E:D SA can gather in right now my community im in SYOS has 1000+ members on my Facebook page as followers and i play with 2 other guys we have our own little group which im hoping to grow(convinced 2 of my buds to buy it so we looking at 4 XD), still need to see who has the game in SYOS community, so advertising people to join the ED community there will be soon , If you would like Adam you can come join this community im starting and help me run it to get big on my ts i have private rooms dedicated to ED, seeing that you started the elite dangerous SA forums, hell maybe a suggestion to what system we should head to, (personally im good with anywhere in Empire space XD im a good rank in their military) #HailTheEmpire 
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    if anyone else has suggestions lets know :) ? By the way the facebook group has been made just search "Elite Dangerous: South Africa" on facebook :D thanx
  • Or just search "Elite Dangerous: ZA" made it easier to find
  • FYI my in game nick is Domitius Enobarbus - have added everyone as friends, same in-game chat is so rubbish...
  • Also - I can't find that Facebook group for some reason. Is there a direct link?
  • yeah it only works with people in proximity of you, some friendly guys say hi, lol i even use it when i play as a pirate to ask for cargo and il add you guys. 
  • il send you a link now sorry i did not see your last message https://www.facebook.com/groups/421180624699885/ this should help:)
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