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I am Back!

Unfortunately I did not take full advantage of the initial Gamma release. I thought the progress would be wiped. When the newsletter announced "non-wipe", I started playing right away (but was already about a week behind).

Today, I purchased the Asp ship. AT LAST! No I feel confident with this ship to do some combat and start to be more "adventurous". That's also why I am here writing this... I think I can now assist other players - when needed. It would be great to fly in a ZA group in Elite.

Thanks to Adam for starting this forum.
Anyone that Googles "Elite Dangerous South Africa" gets this hit first on the list. So this will probably be the landing point for many local players.

I think we need a little more. A Facebook page. If one exists already then please let me know.

My facebook page is...

Cheers for now.. cya in space..
and .. by the way.. my name in ED is... zeppeldep


  • An Asp already? That sounds like quite an achievement rather than an 'at last' :) Before I went off on holiday I'd just picked up an Adder and was really enjoying it as a surprisingly fun combat ship to bridge me to a Cobra.

    No plans for a Facebook page from this side at the moment - to be honest I'm not a prolific Facebook user so it's never my first thought. Feel free to set one up though.
  • : )   ... when I got my Asp .. I thought - "yay, now I can deal some punishment" ... BUT ... : (    I first need to upgrade all the fittings. Very costly fittings. I guess I need still another 40 hours game play, doing trade and upgrade, until I can be tank enough to do combat  ..  : (

    Snap Ambush started the Facebook Group here:

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