Vodacom Smart Tab 3G

RoshanRoshan Cape Town
edited February 2015 in Tech and gadgets

Can anyone please tell me how do I remove a blank homepage? I currently have 3 and only use 2 so the third one is just annoying.
For all those who is considering this new economical tablet go for it cos it is an awesome product have mine 3 months and not one problem


  • Hi @Roshan - we don't have one in the office any more to test, but I'm not sure if you can remove homescreens on the default launcher. I'd strongly recommend getting Nova Launcher from the Play Store though - it replaces the stock launcher with one that's much more customisable (you can use gestures as well as taps to open things like the big app menu etc). It's the first thing I do with any new Android phone or tablet.

    And you can set as many homescreens as you want on that :)
  • RoshanRoshan Cape Town
    Thanks Adam, will be trying your advice
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