Project Christine: Razer's future for desktop PCs -

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imageProject Christine: Razer's future for desktop PCs -

Razer makess building a gaming PC easier assembling LEGO.

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  • That sounds incredibly expensive. Each of those components has its own interface on the motherboard, technologies that have been developed for decades and aren't designed to interact with each other. They would also have to custom design a super charged motherboard chipset to handle their unique bus design.
    If they somehow get it to work, buying proprietary versions of each piece of hardware would also be ridiculously more expensive than building a standard gaming machine component. You can see an example of this today with Apple, where upgrades (if you are so lucky to buy an upgradeable mac) cost twice as much as the equivalent PC hardware. For you to buy a Project Christine upgrade would probably be at least triple the cost of an equivalent PC component.
  • That's certainly why this idea has never taken off in the past. Creative had a similar concept years ago, Dell and ASUS both looked at external upgrades about five years ago and Sony had a graphic dock for its first ultrabooks. All have failed on price afaik.
    I think the idea is still sound, but it would only work if it was based on a standard and widely adopted compatibility. But generally speaking, most manufacturers are keener on stopping people messing with their machines these days...
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