VIDEO: Elephant attacks car in the Kruger -

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imageVIDEO: Elephant attacks car in the Kruger -

Footage of musth elephant attacking a VW in Kruger appears over the internet.

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  • People need to learn how to take animals seriously - especially dangerous ones like elephants. The couple driving that car broke all the rules of engagement. We should watch the viedo to learn what NOT to do. I was in the park around the same time of year and saw many many elephants, some agitated but never came close to anything like this because I obey the rules and advice is which is everywhere there.
  • Exactly.

    In much happier news, the same day that this happened (or the day after, I'm not sure) just a few Kms away we stopped and watched the most placid and calm family of elephants I've ever seen standing watch over a new mother.

    We think she must have given birth over night, as the baby was dry and clean. It was incredible.

    I do worry that this is going to become a more common problem though. We keep hearing about Kruger filling up and I've noticed over just the last six or seven years that I've been visiting people seem to be less well informed about how to behave around animals. I wonder if SANParks is going to have to start putting up more educational materials around the camps and at the gates.
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