REVIEWED: Hisense Infinity Prime 1 (HS-U970) -

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imageREVIEWED: Hisense Infinity Prime 1 (HS-U970) -

Hisense tries its luck at smaller screens.

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  • Hisense Infinity Prime 1 U970

    :( you cant update the Android version from 4.2.1 :( and you cant install or move your apps to the micro SD card
    and of the 4GB internal memory they indicate the phone has you can only use +- 2GB which is split.
  • Just to make it crystal clear: only ONE sim card can do HSPA data. The other one can only do EDGE, so if you plan on switching between various sim cards for data, you're out of luck. See my blog post

    Apart from that, my unit was faulty and I had to send it back. The reception on mine dropped off below 2 bars to zero where other phones just worked fine. I look forward to getting one that actually works.
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    Been seeing these Hisense phones on Takealot recently. Wondered if they're any good. Guess now I know.
  • Ive got the upgrade of the u970 witch is the u971, what a great phone no nead for samsung or Sony. U can play anny game in the Android market. I love hisense good work you guys.
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    i have u970 but its charging problem is not solving :(
  • Hi there. i have a Hisense Infinity Pure mini , im looking for the setting where you can turn your phone from using Data to using the BIS plan. any help here?
  • Just to add, I have the next model on from here, the U971. If you are looking at these entry level Hisense phones what you need to know is that the memory (RAM) on them is useless. It may as well be 512. The phone struggles to multitask. With any feature rich app you basically cannot multitask. If I am running Rdio to listen to music I can probably keep whatsapp open most of the time, but sometimes it will fail inbetween songs and just close Rdio.

    Messaging notifications still work which is great but often switching apps you'll notice they have to reload from scratch when switching. So for example you might be in Facebook, click a link to Youtube and go back to the home screen for a moment before going back to Facebook, now you've lost your place in the news feed. Facebook must reload. Never mind that often you go to the homescreen and it hasn't even kept that in memory so you look at a blank screen for a few seconds and then finally your app icons show up.

    It's not a useless phone and does an okay job at it's price point. But it is a budget phone and you will feel that with frequent use. Buy it if you need a budget phone, don't buy it if the specs sound good and you want to save a few bucks. While the specs might sound similar to a top end phone of a year or two ago, the actual manufacturing and quality is a world apart.
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    Bought one a few months ago. Runs like a vodafone but not as durable. worst camera ever!!! charger inlet packed up in a matter of months. was told i put the charger in wrong and its my fault. tried to find their service center but ended up in a residential area north of Durban. Finally ended up taking it to a private repair shop which cost me another R300. a couple of months later and the charger inlet has packed up again.never again!!! I will stick to vodafone/vodacom Phones in future. Theyre just as ugly and run just a poorly but they are far more durable.
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