Reminder: Telkom's R599 uncapped LTE internet offer goes live today in more suburbs -

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imageReminder: Telkom's R599 uncapped LTE internet offer goes live today in more suburbs -

Do you live in Gauteng and want an uncapped LTE connection for cheap? Today could be your lucky day.

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  • How long did you guys wait for the initial call from Telkom after signing up for the service?
  • It was very quick actually - we had to go through a long credit check because we ordered as a business rather than a home, so it's a bit more in depth, but after that they sent the router and SIM via courier out within a couple of days. An engineer came round a week or so after that to check the signal and mount the antenna (although we don't really need it as our office is pretty much under a Telkom mast).

    That said, we did order through the business side so it could well be that things are faster there... According to the info we've got, though, you can order this through Telkom stores now and it looks like they might give you a SIM and router right there and then - so that might be the best option if you're in a hurry.
  • Has anyone had any throttling/shaping when you use a fair amount of video on demand services like Netflix?
  • @{Frederik} Not in our experience. One of our directors has it at home for this purpose and hasn't run into any problems. We did ask Telkom when it was originally announced and it confirmed that the only shaping it plans to do is around P2P traffic, which has a 20GB a month cap.

    Our office line is absolutely hammered - many hundreds of gigs a month and while we have to reboot the router once a week or so, it's the most stable connection we've had in the office to date (may say more about fixed lines in our area than anything else...)
  • I'm battling like it is with my landline and been busy searching for alternatives as Telkom's after sales and support is non-existent and I end up back at Telkom !! My service again just went down at 14:00 on a Friday afternoon ... I'm really tired of this now . If Telkom cannot manage a well established fixed line network how on earth will they be able to handle this ??
    Saying that Telkom need to re-focus on what they are actually doing - provide a service to a customer and support the service but that is NOT happening
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