So... what's your Elite set-up

Years ago I acquired a very nice Saitek X-65joystick for my job on PC Gamer, which I barely ever used but kept hold of. It's a bit odd as the stick itself doesn't move - it senses pressure placed on it rather than movement - but looks great. I dusted it off for Elite and while it's not fully supported yet (lots of buttons don't map) it is ace.

Will post pics asap.


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    Hi, I don't know if I am too late for this post. I only just recently saw this forums for us South Africans. I use a T-Flight X HOTAS. Works great, and I use Voice Attack for some of the commands that are easier to say that to get to the buttons using the "shift" option.

    Oh and my in game name is CMDR Esharc
  • @Etienne Harcombe Not at all - we're just getting started really. Embarrassingly I'm probably not actually going to get chance to play the final release until the new year as I'm off into the bush on Friday, but affter that will definitely be active here.
  • Just found this site! So awesome there are more south africans playing Elite! What systems are you guys playing in? I'm tired of killing NPC's alone in the universe hehe

    I'm using the X52 Pro, awesome HOTAS.  Bought specifically for Elite and star citizen when it comes out.

    Shoot me an invite I am CMDR DarkwingDuck in the verse! 

    See you guys online :D
  • @darkwingduck I'm stuck out near Siren and Delphine at the moment - but not around at all until the new year now. Will definitely be up for some organised sorties after that though. Intrigued to see if we can conquer a saffa system :)
  • KalmorKalmor Cape Town

    Nice to see more SA people playing. Using a thrustmaster t-flight x hotas with voice attack this side. Add me in game if you like. CMDR Kalmor. :)

  • add me too sometime .. cmdr: zeppeldep 
    SnapAmbush will be setting up a facebook group for saffers soon.

    Mine is a cheap logitech pad, working nicely though.

    Right now, in the verse, I have just acquired the Asp. Still trading, upgrading all the components. I suck at dogfighting, will need to go as tank as possible to stand a chance ...
  • hey guys my setup is a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick, amazing joystick ( by that i mean affordable and the only one i could find in a Matrix store) haha, at the moment earning big moola for me is bounty hunting smuggling the cargo they drop (two faced) i know :p 
  • Yo guys just found the site and fb group. No joystick for me I'm a keyboard and mouse junky. I do have the oculus rift dk 2 though which is really cool.

    Looking forward to maybe meeting up with you guys. 
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