Diversity for the sake of diversity

There has been a lot of talk in the press lately about companies hiring more women to increase their diversity. Topics like "How many women work at such and such a company" are all over tech news sites. It is great to see more and more women getting jobs in tech. However, I wonder if these companies are embracing diversity just for the sake of it? 

If there are 2 people up for a job, one a man and one a woman, surely the better candidate should be hired regardless of their gender? I think hiring a woman just because she is a woman is basically insulting her and her credentials. It is like saying that regardless of what she has achieved or what experience she has, she will simply be hired to "increase diversity" and make the company look better in those articles across tech sites. I would personally feel insulted if I was hired for no other reason but that the company had to reach their quota for the number of women working there.

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