Are you born to code? We are looking for women to join our 2-year training to become a top coder

Are you passionate about technology? Do you love solving problems? Look no further, you could be born to code! 
WeThinkCode_ is a new kind of tech university looking to source and develop the next generation of computer programming talent in South Africa. The two-year course is FREE for students and 100% sponsored by South African companies. There are no teachers, no classes, no books, students learn on campus by solving problems 10 hours a day, 6 days a week in a peer to peer, gamification environment.

The real magic of the course is that it is open to all talented and motivated youth between the age of 17 to 35- you don't need any diploma to apply nor do we look at your grade - one just needs to take our online tests at<>; and pass our 4-week bootcamp. We in effect believe that you could be born with the aptitudes to become a world class computer programmer. 
More than 14,000 have applied and very few girls! So we are calling on you women in tech in SA to join our WeThinkCode_ movement!!
The WeThinkCode_ Team


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