Stephen Elop to head up the Microsoft's Xbox division

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imageStephen Elop to head up the Microsoft's Xbox division

Nokia's ex-CEO will fill the position vacated by Julie Larson Green.

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  • This article has quiet a few inaccuracies. At the beginning of the first paragraph you quite rightly state that, "it was RUMOURED that should he take over...", and then state in the same paragraph that Elop himself gave an outline of his strategy to Bloomberg. He did no such thing. In fact, there was not one on-the-record source in that Bloomberg article at all. To state that Elop has a "clear lack of regard" for Xbox division is misleading, there is not one public statement from him that supports that speculation. Saying he is "clearly not a gaming man who understands the value of the Xbox brand" is again, based on absolutely nothing.

    I can't say one way or another what Elop's opinion is on Xbox, but there is nothing new or factual in this article to support a view either way. This is an article of rumours, based on an article of rumours.

    Julie Larson-Green hadn't been involved in Xbox at all until July last year, so there is also a possibility that she isn't 'clearly a gaming person'. Again, no evidence to back this up, but her history in Microsoft has been in software, Office and Windows, not in gaming.

    I am posting this in my personal capacity but full disclosure, I work in PR for Nokia in South Africa.
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