Apple tv ?

Apple tv decoders are available to buy in SA so can anyone install ? Or does it require a technician?


  • Hi Yolande,

    Apple TV is available and it's very easy to use - but it's not really a decoder.

    Basically, it's a small PC that sits by your PC and gives you access to your iTunes library and some other apps. They're cheap and really easy to use, and can stream video from other PCs and phones etc around the house and they play very well with iPads and so on if you want to use your tablet as a remote. The only downside is that getting new videos onto it without downloading illegally generally means buying them from iTunes, and the selection there in South Africa isn't great. Also, you will use internet bandwidth downloading new programs and films (unlike DStv, for example).

    Essentially, if you already have an iPhone and iPad they're a great companion.

    You buy them pretty much any where (Incredible link is here).

    Hope that helps!
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