Netflix US blocked? Here are some other regions to try out -

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imageNetflix US blocked? Here are some other regions to try out -

Anybody using a VPN/geo-unblocker that routes through the US, the UK, Canada or Belgium might have problems accessing Netflix.

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  • So Since friday i have been talking to Unotelly and they refuse to fix my stuff so i can watch netflix. So i discovered a new VPN service.....IRONSOCKET.
  • @{Coen De Bruin} Oddly, I've not been affected at all (unless I try to watch Netflix France). My NF account is a UK one, which may be the reasone.

    Will definitely check out IRONSOCKET though.
  • The issue here is that it is very easy to detect proxies. Just think about it, why end-users should be connected from a datacenter IP, they should be connected from residencial blocks. Thats the rationale.

    I want you to share something I found, They way this works it is out of the box. You will like it.
  • Borderless Internet seems to work pretty well. Biggest issue now is Netflix has updated most apps to default to Google's DNS servers, so you need to intercept at the router level.
  • why should I try other regions, when they have limited number of collection. Netflix US has much more content than any other countries. Still there are few possible way of accessing Netflix. Smart DNS service is one of those. I am using "Hide-My-IP" to access Netflix US. Its unique "DNS Protection" makes it possible to masks users' real IP that cannot be detected by Netflix bots.
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