.africa dispute will be in court on 4 April - htxt.africa

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image.africa dispute will be in court on 4 April - htxt.africa

The matter of who will be issuing .africa domains could reach some sort of conclusion by April.

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  • The wikipedia entry on the entire sordid saga has been heavily and repeatedly "edited" by the head of DCA to support her view of a giant conspiracy against her.

    Basically geographic TLD applications were supposed to have support from at least 60 % of the countries in the region. ZACR has 73%. DCA has none. (DCA says the African Union have endorsed their application but are also somehow part of the conspiracy). This hasn't stopped DCA from demanding $9 million in damages from ICANN for kicking their application.

    It's like watching a bad horror movie. The monster just keeps coming back for sequel after sequel. Will the 4th of April will be the final chapter? Get your popcorn ready.
  • @{elp} Yeah... I noticed the Wikipedia page was a little, um, one sided in its discussion.

    Trust me, as someone who was hoping to have a .africa address some time in 2013, and launched a business based on that assumption, and now has a massive job ahead of him trying to migrate our archives to .africa when it's available without blowing up two years of SEO love and links, I'm more pissed off than most by the whole affair.
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