Netflix's VPN crackdown may be a costly mistake


  • (All types of) Media houses need to change and adapt. Busy binge watching Boardwalk Empire, through Amazon; liquor prohibition seems so archaic and the lengths authorities went too to stop distribution was ludicrous. Just like the current war on drugs and creating borders in the virtual world a series will be aired in 35 years time on the stupidity of authoritative control, and wasteful expenditure, during the technology revolution.
  • Not may be, it will be definitely a costly mistake and i am not very much satisfy with the act that Netflix did and i am not the only one there are several others who are still not satisfy with the behavior of Netflix against vpn. However Express and Purevpn are still working fine as mentioned at
  • Being a fan of Netflix I must say that it is a bad decision for all Netflix lovers. Although I am not so effected with this decision. I have full access to Netflix and I am doing it by using VPN. I have tried different VPNs and most of them did not work. Then one of my friends suggest me to use Hide My IP. I have been using this for more than a month. It costs me only $2.95/month.
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