Discovery Vitality CEO explains why FitBit, Strava were removed from Active Rewards -

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imageDiscovery Vitality CEO explains why FitBit, Strava were removed from Active Rewards -

While the majority of Vitality customers are honest, "We are seeing higher levels of abuse of inaccurate data more so than any other time.”

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  • I have an apple watch. The only reason I got this apple watch is to gain points for my discovery and get fit. They have made so many changes in how to get points that it has been unfair to many of discovery members. If I knew that they where going to change so many rules regarding how to get points I would not have agreed to the apple watch device. Now I am stuck with something I will have to pay for because the points that I need is unrealistic. You took away the 50 points for 5000 steps - Now I have to do 10000 steps every day to reach my goals and get points. Discovery isn't playing fair. I understand that some devices don't work - that is why I chose apple. How can you change rules after you have gained clients with this "get your apple watch" promotion then change how you can get those points. You really left a bitter taste in everybody's mouth after this. You say most clients have adapted. I beg to differ. How many clients have you spoken to. Everyone I have spoken to are very upset about these changes. You clearly only have selective hearing. I am taking this future. I will spread the word of mouth how terrible your service have been. Shocking.
  • I agree with MBoshoff above. Discovery you guys are terribly unfair. I wish that some of us who were forced to move away from Multiply, never had to move. Also wish there was other competitors in this space. Anyway, you know what they say karma Viranna! goodluck to you in that regard!
  • For me, it is their attitude that is an issue. Why don't they address the people that cheats? This again is like penalise everybody for a small handful of people cheating. This is the old apartheid teachers mentality. If you can't identify the culprit, the penalise everybody. And i wonder where did they get their data from? Oh...somebody put his watch on the creepy crawly...this is bs, no watch will last long, because of the sun and humidity. They take us for being fools.
    The true story is probably that they found it is not financial viable to continue as is,and they therefore has to cut the points somehow, and this is how they do it.
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