MTN Nigeria's fine has been increased to R241 billion -

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imageMTN Nigeria's fine has been increased to R241 billion -

Things just got a whole lot worse for MTN Nigeria as its original fine has been tripled.

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  • But how come all this is happening?
  • Mtn made abt 900 plus million net profit and nigeria contributes abt 37% or say 350 million, a typical shareholder rather have mtn shut down operations in nigeria instead of paying a fine that mtn nigeria will not be able to make back in 10 years. Rather invest time and energy out of africa in fact, this wasnt fraud or corruption but an honest mistake or incompetence by a few individuals that the entire mtn group has to go through. The damage has been done, shareholders will not feel comfortable in nigeria. No shareholder will be attracted to nigeria, this has been a witch hunt and trying to imply mtn supported terrisiom to get public support. In 10 years time facebook or another IT gaint would have free internet for the world and mtn would have needed to evolve - advice mtn: rather invest $3.9bn into the future
  • Indeed this story teaches us how cautious we have to be for SIM cards registration real-time SIM activation, decommissioning and then SIM reactivation. Some solutions do exist; more information here:
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