Xiaomi’s Mi 5 goes on sale today - htxt.africa

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imageXiaomi’s Mi 5 goes on sale today - htxt.africa

The 128GB Mi 5 will have a ceramic body which is reportedly harder to crack, while the 32GB and 64GB variants will have a curved glass body.

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    I have had around 15 years experience in the mobile device industry. After launching a number of brands the MIUI 5 for around ZAR 5999.00 are in my opinion better than the high street devices; lets not name them but one is fruity. If you have between ZAR2000.00 and ZAR7000.00 the MIUI's are the best; not just the best specs. The complete package. With dual 4G simcards. Order direct you recieve your device via DHL or Fedex within a week. Coming soon. www.miuimobile.com & www.miui.co.za For more details contact us. Email: miui@miuimobile.com
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