FNB launches its own FNB-branded mobile smartphone at very low prices

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imageFNB launches its own FNB-branded mobile smartphone at very low prices

FNB has taken another step into securing its spot as a technology-driven bank, by launching its own FNB-branded smartphone.

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  • This is a nice idea, although some of the decisions are a little questionable. The pricing on the phones is good and the A1 makes a lot of sense, but would premium customers really rush out to buy the X1, which is at best a middle of the range device? Perhaps as a device for their children...

    Hopefully they are just testing the market for now and planning to introduce a third device targeting their "premium" customers. In terms of the specs, I think anyone looking at a premium-type phone would be expecting at least an octa-core processor, minimum 13MP rear camera, 3GB RAM and 16GB storage. In this respect, I bring your attention to a typo in your article. The X1 has 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage, not 8GB of RAM.

    One also understands that in order to make this work they would have to partner up with Cell C as a service provider. However, bundling 25 minutes and 100MB of data on a product aimed at "premium" customers hardly makes sense. Why even bother? I would like to see the market research on that decision. Why not increase the bundle to at least 100 minutes and offer it at around R199? I doubt the extra R50 a month would deter any potential customers. The unlimited calls at R399 per month is very attractive and I might even consider moving to FNB to take advantage of that. Now, if FNB were to bundle that with a real premium handset in the R800-R1000 range they would really be onto something.

    I understand there is to be some sort of rebate deal and would like to know more about that. I also understand the devices are to be SIM-locked to FNB Connect. Is that even legal any more?
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    I just got the X1 yesterday, and so far I'm impressed. @{Caffeinedependent} , it makes sense because the 8Gb internal storage can easily be upgraded with an external memory card, since this phone actually comes with a 16Gb memory card for free. I was also able to format the memory card so that it counts as internal storage, so it can add some more space for things like apps, songs and photos.

    On another note, if your eBucks level is high (I'm on level 4), you get discounts. I'll be paying a measly R60 a month for a respectable smartphone. It's certainly not on the level of an iPhone or Samsung S7, but at that price, it doesn't have to be. You also get discounts on data and airtime according to your eBucks level, which is great. It's not a phone meant for executives and professionals who have been working for a while, but its a great way for anyone to be able to easily afford a decent smartphone.
  • Hi but what gets me is that even here they don't tell client that you have to save R1500 for 2 years.so even if you a gold account holder you don't get it unless you keep R1500 there.I think its fraudulent to not mention it.And deceiving the client.
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