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imageXiaomi Redmi Note 2 review - htxt.africa

We should know by now that just because a phone is cheap, we shouldn't underestimate it. The R2 999 Redmi Note 2 gave us a reminder.

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  • Its going for R2799 on takealot as their standard price - or you can Pay R2999 and get a cover with it that looks like a tyre.
    Much cheaper on the ebay clone sites but by the time it arrives in ZA 2 months later and a couple of hundred ZARs in customs, you might as well buy it at takealot...
    I bought two and have no problems at all - battery life is a bit weak though and the display is a bit dim when in the sunlight, other than that I cant really tell the difference between it and my ex-S6.
    I'm over samsung and their costly phones, next year I'll get the currently available Redmi Note device then.
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