Best kid compatible tablets under R2000

So I've been reading your product reviews and have really enjoyed them so far, but while I've found a few worthwhile reviews and comparisons of some budget tablet offerings, I haven't seen anything recently that can really compare the huge number of new, budget offerings on the market.

I, like so many parents at this time of year, am currently digging through online reviews in order to find something appropriate to buy for my 8 year old daughter for Christmas.

Having been an owner of a Leappad in the past, I want to definitely stay away from something that locks us into a limited software offerings with heavy price tags...

So our first decision is whether we buy a child-focused tablet that already has security software installed, or a general purpose tablet and load our own choice of child minding software. Considering that a lot of the kids tech seem to be aimed at toddler and younger kids I'm not so sure if that the right way to go (she has definitely outgrown her leap pad ultra). While most of the better known kids tablets sit at around R2000 up, there are a few unknowns in the lower reaches...

A good head to head of some of these kids tablets and another of the standard offerings in this range would be great.

Thanks so much :)


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