Do you want to visit Trump's America?

Personally, I don't like Donald Trump. I think he is going to make many changes in US. Do you want to visit Trum's America?


  • Why not? Trump can change rules but he can't change the natural beauty of America. If I get chance, I would definitely visit America.

  • @Martinguptil said:
    Why not? Trump can change rules but he can't change the natural beauty of America. If I get chance, I would definitely visit America.

    I think you are right. I never notice from this point.

  • I don't think it is the right time to visit US. As they are banning citizen of seven countries from entering US.

  • @Martinguptil With you on that. Whatever Trump does, it's important to remember that a) he didn't win the popular vote, and we get better voter turnout at our local elections than the US does for Presidential elections. So he's not representative of all Americans at all. And b) the country is vast and often beautiful. I'm lucky enough to have seen an awful lot of it, from the incredible energy of New York to laid back hipster San Fran.

    Most abiding memory is flying over the Nevada desert on a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon, while staying at Las Vegas. So seeing both the most bizarrely crass part of the country and the most staggeringly beautiful at the same time. Always, always worth visiting if you can.

    Except possibly Dallas. That was dull as hell.

  • I don't understand this thing. He didn't win the popular votes, people don't like him as the president of the United States,,, this and that... But how in the world he managed to win the election?

  • I don't think it's possible to understand it unless your sole source of information is Fox News, tbh. Imagine SABC's dubious editorial guidelines times 100, with no fear of censure for telling out and out lies. It's a bit like looking at the areas where there's unquestioning support for our current administration and cross referencing that with access to independent media.

    But it's not just the voters in this case - it looks a bit like Trump's most trusted source of information is Fox News too (rather than, say, the entire corpus of US military, trade, and intelligence civil service).

    A couple of journalists have picked up on how in teh last week, Trump has started using phrases coined by Fox News in his Tweets etc - especially around the reporting of Chelsea Manning's last piece on the problems with Obama. Fox led with "ungrateful traitor", a phrase which almost immediately appeared in the Trump lexicon.

  • Looks like it's time to elect the Fox News as the President of the United States of America. Seriously, if there's a way that an organization can stand as a candidate for presidency, then the Fox news would..... you know ;) ;)

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