GroTech has R62 million to invest in South African tech startups

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imageGroTech has R62 million to invest in South African tech startups

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  • I wish to disrupt the Retail Industry. I have an innovation which will replace the Barcode system, which relies on line-of- sight, using a wand or moving the item in front of a barcode- recognising machine. The process of taking each item, scanning it, and then packing it, is the time-wasting factor.
    How about having a trolley with various compartments, with bags already open to receive the selected items? The shopper can use his or her own discretion to put their selections into the relevant packets in the trolley, refrigerated products in one, dry goods in another, etc. Large items, too big to fit into packets, will be put into the tray at the bottom of the trolley.
    How will this help?, you ask. You will still have to scan the items, using the barcode system.
    What if you don't have to take the items out? What if you could push your trolley into a machine at the till, and the amount owing is shown in seconds?
    Solution: So how do you recognise each item, especially if the item is lying on it's side, or upside-down,
    There are many machines today that can detect vibrations, colours and wavelengths in other applications. They range from Spectrophotometers to Quantum computers.
    A combination of certain aspects of these machines can be built into a "Smart Box" big enough to house a fully-laden trolley and heaped up to a discretionary height.
    The barcode system will be replaced with a colour-based system. A label-sized frame of yellow will contain a series of blue or red blocks, which will have the combination necessary to recognise the item. The red and blue blocks represent the binary system, as used in computers. Blue representing 0, Red representing 1.
    After reading the data within the frame, the program "cancels" or flags the recognition of the item, to signify that the item has been "read" by the system. It then searches for more frames until all the items within the space of the "Smart Box" have been read and cancelled.
    Because the concept is not dependent on direct reading, like the barcode system, the item can be anywhere, in any position, within the confines of the intelligent "Box". The machine relies solely upon the vibrations emanating from the red/blue combinations within the yellow label frame. The software program will ignore the colours on the packaging of the items, and will be programmed to search for the frames only.

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