TomTom's local repair service will collect your broken GPS for repair -

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imageTomTom's local repair service will collect your broken GPS for repair -

Interesting play for market share.

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  • Absolute great service from the call centre. Thank You Becky
  • absolutely crap service from TomTom. Device is out of warranty so tough shit sucker, buy a new one. , The Warranty period for the device is 2 years after purchase and we do not have an Out Of Warranty procedure set up in South Africa.

    Hence you will have to buy a new device.

    Hope I have answered all your queries .
    With Kind Regards

    Tejal R.

    TomTom Customer Support

    The TomTom Customer Care Team
  • I am extremely disappointed with Tom Tom and my XXL GPS which has chosen the most inopportune time to give up the ghost and malfunction. It is out of warranty and has always worked fine without a hitch but now that I am on a long tour through South Africa it has packed up.

    The unit touch screen does all of a sudden not respond to touch so I have attempted to reboot it but that does not work so I can't get past the Legal section and agree because it is senseless and the touch.

    Damn Tom Tom their s makes my tour a bit more difficult as I had planned everything on the Tom Tom.
    Now. I have to start again and do everything manually and use the old fashioned method called a map book.

    I would like Tom Tom South Africa to advise me urgently as to who and where I can have it required while I wait in Durban.Tom Tom SA please provide the details and address of your Durban repair centre.

    As I will now have to back track to Durban from St Lucia just to get this Tom Tom XXL repaired.

    Thank you for your response

    I may be contacted on my cell +27 83 234 2747 via SMS or WhatsApp.
  • Let us hope that Tom Tom come to the party and the right thing.if they do not I will have to fork out another 4 or 5000 rand for a replacement GPs and bet you it won't be on a Tom Tom up to date I have been an ambassador for Tom Tom.

    Now let us see how they support me. I hope they do so in the sense of good customer relations and pro Tom Tom marketing.
  • Where do I send my tomtom for screen replacement and how much will it cost me?
    My email address is
    Cell phone 0728911098. Thanks
  • Must say I had absolutely brilliant service from TomTom and their SA agents / repair centre recently (May 2016). very professional, communication was great, service excellent and I am a very happy customer.
  • My TOMTOM XL'S easyport mount sticky pad has lost its suction and is torn.
    Where can I get a new one and what is the costs?
  • Hi. My battery on my TomTom 25 is giving up the ghost. How would I go about replacing the battery? What would it cost me? Where would I go? What is the turnaround time? I am in Durban and need to know where to take it.
  • Outstanding Service from the guys at Regenersis on my dead Tom Tom 1005 ST. Garmin can learn a lot from you....because they are the definition of useless, unhelpful money suckers! Thank you Tom Tom!
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